Unity Coming to the Desktop in 11.04!

Next week, Ubuntu developers will be discussing the possibility of adding a desktop focused version of the new Unity interface to the normal build of Ubuntu. This edition would have these changes among other possible improvements:

-Would be movable to any edge of the screen per user preference.

-Normal style floating windows, with window controls in the windows.

-Home screen turned into a drop down menu with search and program access.

(For more see here)

(Please do note that this is only a plan/discussion right now. But Mark Shuttleworth is assigned to the blueprint.)

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2 Responses to Unity Coming to the Desktop in 11.04!

  1. om26er says:

    i stumbled to this blueprint a few days ago. then i saw that the one who registered was not anywhere related to ubuntu or canonical. then i saw the option ‘subscribe someone else’ i clicked and saw i could subscribe and add them as ‘particpate in essential’ then i though na. but now it seems the blueprint it accepted for UDS wohooo. atleast they are going to have a conversation/

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